Enhance Your Cooking with Home Delivery From Ellicott City Specialty Stores

couple cooking at home

If it feels like you’ve entered a cooking rut, it’s time to add some creative new dishes into the mix. Luckily, Ellicott City specialty stores have so much to offer! From authentic ingredients to excellent curbside service or home delivery, they have everything you need to create delicious and innovative meals. Best of all, they are within minutes of our Ellicott City apartments

Scittino’s Italian Market Place 

A family-owned business for more than 45 years, Scittino’s Italian Market Place offers the best in authentic Italian flavors. Check out their full-service deli with high-quality products like homemade Italian sausage and from-scratch pizza dough. Pick up prepared dishes, like the amazing pot roast with carrot and potatoes. Additionally, buy Italian essentials like fresh pasta, sun-dried tomatoes, flavored olive oil, and imported spice blends. You’ll find everything you need to prepare an Italian feast! Scittino’s Italian Market Place is open seven days a week and offer home delivery. 


Hmart’s first store opened in 1980. Now, this midsize Korean supermarket has almost 70 locations across the US! They come reliably well-stocked with a huge variety of vegetables, Korean pantry staples, and fresh fish. You can even get sushi-grade salmon if you’re feeling inspired. Find every type of spice and condiment needed to create popular Korean dishes. Try making your own bulgogi, thinly sliced beef marinated in a barbecue sauce. While Hmart has a Korean focus, there’s a decent variety of ingredients for other Asian cuisines, like Thai noodles and Japanese miso. The store is open daily from 8:30 AM to 9 PM and offers home delivery. 

These Ellicott City specialty stores help you explore new cuisines without traveling the globe. When you’re not up for preparing your Korean favorites, you can always order delivery from excellent local Korean restaurants. Learn more about living in our Ellicott City apartments by contacting us

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