Tour Historic Landmarks around Ellicott City

Historic Ellicott City Route | Historic landmarks around Ellicott City

For a deep dive into the past, go on a tour of historic landmarks around Ellicott City. You’ll find stories of prominent figures, old town settlements, and more. Check out these fascinating spots near our apartments in Howard County, MD:


If you’ve ever wanted to wander amidst a ghost town, then Daniels is your spot. You can even find it in the Atlas Obscura for its unique variety of historical intrigue. The town was once the site of a textile mill, as well as a small industrial village. Operating for 150 years, the mill closed in the 1960s. Some of the ruins of the old buildings remain, as well as the shells of antique cars. Be sure to grab some photos of one of the most interesting historic landmarks around Ellicott City.

Benjamin Banneker Historical Park & Museum

This site honors the legacy of Benjamin Banneker, an accomplished African American abolitionist, mathematician, astronomer, surveyor, and more. During his lifetime, Banneker published six almanacs, each filled with mathematical puzzles, proverbs, astronomical data, and essays on the inhumanity of slavery. Banneker’s 100-plus acres of land originally played host to a tobacco farm, apiary, and orchard. Now, visitors can tour a museum, hike nearby trails, and spend time in the gardens. 

Thomas Isaac Log Cabin

If you’ve ever wondered what it felt like to live in a log cabin in the late eighteenth century, check out this standing historical artifact in Old Ellicott City. The Thomas Issac Log Cabin was constructed as early as 1780, and it was used as an important meeting place in the 1870s for the local African American community. The building has passed through multiple hands and is now operated by the Ellicott City partnership. It’s open for tours on weekend afternoons between 1 pm-4 pm.

After touring historic landmarks around Ellicott City, check out the Baltimore & Ohio Ellicott City Station Museum. This museum plays host to the oldest standing railroad depot in the United States. At The Elms at Montjoy, you’re never far from Ellicott City’s best landmarks. when you’re ready to learn more about our welcoming community, please contact us. We would be happy to schedule a tour of our various layouts and amenities.

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