Spend the Day Exploring Historic Art Near Ellicott City

Washington Monument in Baltimore | Historic art near Ellicott City

Believe it or not, Baltimore has nearly one thousand murals and public art displays throughout various neighborhoods. There are also many landmarks that memorialize the city’s history. For a unique day of exploration near Ellicott City, check out these locales near our Ellicott City apartments:

Cecilius Calvert Statue

When Cecilius Calvert was 26, he became the Second Baron of Baltimore after the passing of his father. He inherited the lands and colonies owned by his father and was tasked with establishing a colony called the Province of Maryland. Today, a statue in his honor stands in front of the Clarence M. Mitchell Jr. Courthouse.

Maryland 9/11 Memorial

Found at the base of the Baltimore World Trade Center, the Maryland 9/11 Memorial features three twisted and mangled steel beams from the Twin Towers. A significant piece of historic art near Ellicott City, it offers a place to reflect while remembering the 69 Marylanders who lost their lives on September 11, 2001. Every year on the anniversary, the Baltimore World Trade Center acts as a sundial to mark the chronological events of that tragic day.

Baltimore’s Washington Monument

Honoring George Washington, Baltimore’s Washington Monument has proudly stood in the Mount Vernon neighborhood since 1829. The monument is 178 feet high. It’s so tall that upon completion, residents were afraid it would fall over onto their homes. During construction, it drew tourists and notable Americans like John Quincy Adams, who came to witness the building of this incredible structure. Today, you can climb the 227 stairs to enjoy stunning views of the city’s skyline. You’ll also find a video kiosk highlighting the monument’s history and 2014 restoration.

After enjoying an afternoon exploring historic art near Ellicott City, stop by a local eatery for some delicious crab cakes. Finally, if you would like to call The Elms at Montjoy home, please contact us. Our team will gladly show you everything our Ellicott City apartments have to offer.

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