Shop Handmade Pottery around Ellicott City

Collection of pottery cups | Pottery near Ellicott City

Dating back centuries, pottery is one of the world’s oldest art forms. Today, skilled artists use a wide range of techniques to create functional pieces for the home and garden. When you’re ready to shop for pottery near Ellicott City, you will find several area stores featuring locally made pieces. Those near our Ellicott City apartments include: Ang Pottery  […]

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Update Your Vinyl Collection at Ellicott City Record Stores

People shopping for records at a record store | Record stores near Ellicott City

Believe it or not, records date back to the 1800s. However, they weren’t made of vinyl until the 1960s. When you’re ready to shop for the classics or today’s latest releases, several record stores near Ellicott City have you covered. Update your collection with these shops around our Ellicott City apartments.  Trax on Wax  Family-owned, Trax on Wax is your […]

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Get Your Sugar Rush at Ellicott City Candy Shops

Assorted candy and chocolates from Ellicott City candy shops.

When the sugar craving hits, delicious candy is only a short drive away. Ellicott City candy shops offer classic treats and gourmet creations for every occasion. Whether you’re looking for caramel-covered popcorn or the perfect box of chocolates, check out these local shops near our Ellicott City apartments: EC Pops This iconic Maryland store opened its […]

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Shop for Fresh Goods at the Kenilworth Farmers Market

A woman shopping fresh plants at the Kenilworth Farmers Market in Ellicott City.

When it’s time to shop for fresh ingredients, head to the Kenilworth Farmers Market in Ellicott City. It is where you will discover some of the finest growers and producers in Maryland. The market is open on Tuesdays, and you can visit between 3:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. through November. Some of the vendors you’ll […]

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Craft Distilleries Near Ellicott City Offering Locally-Made Spirits

Two cocktails with lime garnish | Craft distilleries near Ellicott City

After a long week of work, nothing hits the spot like a nice cocktail. Whether you like whiskey or gin, locally made spirits are a great way to enjoy a tasty drink while supporting local businesses. Some of the best craft distilleries near Ellicott City offer high-quality spirits, sourcing local ingredients. If you’re ready to […]

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Enjoy Classic Saltwater Taffy around Ellicott City

Pile of saltwater taffy in wrappers | Saltwater taffy around Ellicott City

Saltwater taffy earned its name in Atlantic City in 1883 after a storm allegedly flooded a candymaker’s shop with saltwater. Today, you can enjoy saltwater taffy thanks to Ellicott City candy shops. Try classic flavors like chocolate or something fruity like watermelon and cantaloupe. When you have a craving for some taffy, our favorite candy shops […]

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