Get Your Sugar Rush at Ellicott City Candy Shops

Assorted candy and chocolates from Ellicott City candy shops.

When the sugar craving hits, delicious candy is only a short drive away. Ellicott City candy shops offer classic treats and gourmet creations for every occasion. Whether you’re looking for caramel-covered popcorn or the perfect box of chocolates, check out these local shops near our Ellicott City apartments: EC Pops This iconic Maryland store opened its […]

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Craft Distilleries Near Ellicott City Offering Locally-Made Spirits

Two cocktails with lime garnish | Craft distilleries near Ellicott City

After a long week of work, nothing hits the spot like a nice cocktail. Whether you like whiskey or gin, locally made spirits are a great way to enjoy a tasty drink while supporting local businesses. Some of the best craft distilleries near Ellicott City offer high-quality spirits, sourcing local ingredients. If you’re ready to […]

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Enjoy Classic Saltwater Taffy around Ellicott City

Pile of saltwater taffy in wrappers | Saltwater taffy around Ellicott City

Saltwater taffy earned its name in Atlantic City in 1883 after a storm allegedly flooded a candymaker’s shop with saltwater. Today, you can enjoy saltwater taffy thanks to Ellicott City candy shops. Try classic flavors like chocolate or something fruity like watermelon and cantaloupe. When you have a craving for some taffy, our favorite candy shops […]

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Find Locally Made Candles at Ellicott City Shops

White candles with lavender on a table | Ellicott City candle shops

Candles have been around for thousands of years, but it wasn’t until the mid-1980s when they became popular decorative items. From subtle scents to spicy aromatherapy, candles add a warm, cozy touch to any home. Luckily, several Ellicott City candle shops offer unique, high-quality products in a variety of shapes and fragrances. The stores near our Ellicott […]

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