Get a Tune-up and More at Auto Shops around Ellicott City

Mechanic at auto shop | Auto shops around Ellicott City

Your car might be one of your favorite things, but one thing’s for sure. Owning a vehicle means inevitable repairs and routine maintenance. Fortunately, several local auto shops around Ellicott City provide high-quality, trustworthy services. The shops we recommend near our Ellicott City apartments include: AutoStream Car Care Center  AAA-approved, the AutoStream Car Care Center offers some of the […]

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Shop Artisan Bread and Pastries at Ellicott City Bakeries

Loaf of bread and butter | Bakeries around Ellicott City

There’s nothing quite like the aroma of freshly baked bread and pastries. Paired with your morning coffee or a side dish to your lunch or dinner, these bakeries around Ellicott City have everything you need to enjoy a fluffy treat. The shops with fresh-baked treats near our Ellicott City apartments include: The Breadery The Breadery is located in […]

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Indulge Your Tastebuds with Ellicott City Gourmet Seasoning Shops

Assorted gourmet oils | Ellicott City gourmet seasoning shops

For an easy way to add flavor to your favorite recipes, head to these Ellicott City gourmet seasoning shops. They offer a wide range of oils, vinegar, and more that can be used on salads, Mediterranean pasta, and so much more. The shops stores near our Ellicott City apartments include: Secolari  Italian for “age-old,” Secolari is where you’ll find […]

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Shop Handmade Pottery around Ellicott City

Collection of pottery cups | Pottery near Ellicott City

Dating back centuries, pottery is one of the world’s oldest art forms. Today, skilled artists use a wide range of techniques to create functional pieces for the home and garden. When you’re ready to shop for pottery near Ellicott City, you will find several area stores featuring locally made pieces. Those near our Ellicott City apartments include: Ang Pottery  […]

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Update Your Vinyl Collection at Ellicott City Record Stores

People shopping for records at a record store | Record stores near Ellicott City

Believe it or not, records date back to the 1800s. However, they weren’t made of vinyl until the 1960s. When you’re ready to shop for the classics or today’s latest releases, several record stores near Ellicott City have you covered. Update your collection with these shops around our Ellicott City apartments.  Trax on Wax  Family-owned, Trax on Wax is your […]

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