Shop Ellicott City Brands at Eddie’s of Mt. Vernon

Customer shopping at a local business | Local brands near Ellicott City

Shop for Ellicott City brands t Eddie’s of Mt. Vernon. This store is a family-owned and operated shop serving the greater Baltimore region for more than 50 years. An easy drive from our Ellicott City apartments, find your favorite local brands, including:  Fisher’s Popcorn  A Maryland favorite, Fisher’s Popcorn began in Ocean City in 1937. Founder Everett Fisher uses […]

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Update Your Vinyl Collection at Ellicott City Record Stores

People shopping for records at a record store | Record stores near Ellicott City

Believe it or not, records date back to the 1800s. However, they weren’t made of vinyl until the 1960s. When you’re ready to shop for the classics or today’s latest releases, several record stores near Ellicott City have you covered. Update your collection with these shops around our Ellicott City apartments.  Trax on Wax  Family-owned, Trax on Wax is your […]

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Shop for New Kicks at These Ellicott City Shoe Stores

A pair of brown boots from an Ellicott City shoe store.

From casual, comfy day shoes to special occasion heels, several Ellicott City shoe stores have you covered. You can shop from home, and your new pair will arrive at your doorstep. The stores offering online shopping near our Ellicott City apartments include: Dan Brothers Shoes At Dan Brothers Shoes, you will find quality footwear at reasonable prices. Called […]

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Shop Online from Ellicott City Art Galleries

art hanging on the wall above a couch

From unique paintings to one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces, Ellicott City art galleries feature an array of creative works. When you shop the collections online, your purchase will arrive at your home. It’s an excellent way to support local artists and find unique art for yourself or for holiday gifts. The galleries near our Ellicott City apartments include: […]

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Shop Online from Ellicott City Clothing Boutiques

trying on clothes from Ellicott City clothing boutiques

Whether you’re searching for a new sweater or a comfortable pair of jeans, Ellicott City clothing boutiques offer the latest trends. You can easily enhance your wardrobe by shopping the fabulous collections online, and your order will arrive at your door. The stores near our Ellicott City apartments include: B Boutique  Offering a selection for both […]

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