Virtually Explore the US Botanic Garden

Trees and plants at the US Botanic Garden.

A living plant museum, the United States Botanic Garden is a lush destination found on the grounds of the United States Capitol. Normally a 40-minute drive from our Ellicott City apartments, you don’t have to leave home to explore the garden’s beautiful scenery. Virtual tour highlights include: Bartholdi Park Bartholdi Park opened in 1932 after the relocation of the […]

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Virtually Explore Maryland’s Iconic Lighthouses

a woman sitting on her bed using her laptop

When you want to try something different, check out Maryland’s iconic lighthouses. Built generations ago, many of these historic structures stand on coasts across the state. They offer a look into a fascinating history and also provide scenic views of the Chesapeake region. Best of all, you can virtually visit Maryland’s lighthouses from Ellicott City. Here […]

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Virtually Tour the Maryland Center for History & Culture

woman enjoying virtual tour of Maryland Center for History and Culture

Established in 1844, the Maryland Center for History and Culture is the state’s oldest continuously operating cultural institution. It’s the premier attraction for state history. Plus, it boasts an extensive collection of over 35,000 objects and seven million books and documents. If you would like to step back in time, the museum offers plenty of […]

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Explore Art Museums Without Leaving Home

woman looking at art

Thanks to the internet, there are plenty of ways to stay entertained and informed without leaving your home. For instance, a lot of art museums offer virtual tours. You can view thousands of paintings and installments from the comfort of your own home. Best of all, this service is usually free! If you need a […]

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